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  Magnetic field of earth, toroid



Our Nervous System

Our nervous system functions due to the transmittal of small electrical charges. Thoughts, orders to the muscular system, breathing, digestion, activity of the heart, moods, state of consciousness, dreams, and awareness are controlled by small electrical charges.

The eletromagnetic fields of our own bodies are dynamic, constantly moving and modulating. This is how we are able to communicate, act, digest, and adjust to the ever-changing conditions of daily life.

The picture above gives an idea of our optimal energetic pattern.

Around us are circles of an energetic cloud, the socalled toroid. Its shape looks similar to an apple with a vertical opening in the middle.
This is an image of inner and outer harmony, an image of a healthy, dynamic body.

Electromagnetism that derives from electrical devices is not dynamic. Elecrical fields and energies permeate us from all sides. Mobile communication, electrical devices, screens, electrical cables, electricity lines from tramways, trolleybuses, trains, car electronics, navigations systems, satellites, etc. lead to an uninterrupting stress/charge of our nervous systems, which increases daily.

Neutrofield products support our energetic systems in the daily use of computers, while making phone calls, in WiFi zones, close to radio transmitters, in supermarkets, in cars and in public transportation, and at all places where lot of people gather.

Neutrofield products harmonize our energetic fields. Neutrofield products use and contain different minerals and microcrystals. Minerals and microcrystals are selected in such a way that they optimally enhance and support our body systems.


Minerals are mediums that absorb energy and emit them in a different form.

Application of minerals are limitless and still largely unexplored. Ayurveda, the Indian science of longevity, have used minerals specifically as therapy for thousands of years. Neutrofield products use different minerals and microparticles for that purpose. The particles are selected and combined in such a way that our energetic systems are optimally harmonized.